About Me

Having graduated in May 2013 from Oklahoma City University, with two Bachelors of the Arts degrees in Music and Theatre Performance, my professional journey is just beginning! Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio in a family of educated athletes, music and theater was part of our culture. Taking figure skating to the next level, I competed nationally in Theater on Ice and Show Case Competitions, building precision, confidence, choreographic and theatrical performance skills.

I soon announced that I wanted to study musical theater in college. Having no experience on a wooden stage, I traveled to Philadelphia for voice lessons and Chicago to work on my acting. My last year of high school, as part of the Strynad Fellowship Program, I wrote, sang, directed, filmed and edited, “Hathaway Brown: The Musical”, a parody about success at an all girls high school.

Moving from Ohio to Oklahoma was like landing in OZ. Equipped with my red shoes, I seemed to be a tornado magnet, dodging hail, while searching for my path. At Oklahoma City University, I was a sponge and had a very intense education in music, theater and film. Although I have had classical voice training at the Wanda L. Bass School of Music, I now have the versatility to perform a range of music from jazz to musical theater. I added my double major of theatre performance at the beginning of my sophomore year, and my mind and world exploded. I did my first play and from there I knew that theatre was what I was meant to do. Studying Shakespeare in London and my comfort on camera and passion for film rounded out my preparation for my career as an actor.

Singing, acting and making videos have been a part of my life since I was a little tot, but they were never a serious art for me until I became an artist myself.